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Audit and Assurance

Tree audit and accounts team has a wealth of experience that ensure the figures are accurate and delivered in the correct format.

We pride ourselves on being able to understand your business and therefore being able to provide accurate and useful management information to assist you to understand your business better and make better decisions.

Tree accounts and audit provides:


We are experts in auditing, bringing experience from the largest firms in the UK and with that experience we understand your business. This understanding allows the auditing process to not only be more efficient but also provide effective feedback to you on your business.

An audit is not always welcome but vital and should be used to ensure your business is as healthy as you think and can provide some useful strategic thinking.

Our approach to auditing includes an effective planning process to ensure that all risks are identified early and you are aware of them and then to report on these risks along with the financial state of your business.

Accountant’s Reports

An audit may not be required by you and we can also provide an accountants’ report on your financials.

We do more than put your figures into a statutory format, but invest our time in obtaining all the information you require to understand your business and compare to your competitors. This helps us to advise you on what options you have and provide actions for you that may increase your profitability.

As Reporting Accountants we can also assist with:

  • Reporting to government departments on grant applications and progress reports on funded projects
  • Reports on handling of client money for regulated clients, such as the FSA, Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Independent examiners reporting to the Charity Commission
  • The buy back of a company’s own shares

We can work with you to ensure that you don’t fall foul of the detailed legal procedures and that all the documentary and reporting requirements are fully complied with.

An accountants’ report is also useful for raising finance for your business or you personally.

Projections and business planning

We would always advise you to have a business plan supported by projections as this allows you understand where your business is going.

The business plans and projections may assist you by:

  • Setting goals and timescales to achieve them
  • Understanding your potential future profitability, possible cashflow requirements, which we can use to ensure better tax planning and any financial facilities required can be obtained earlier
  • Providing milestones for your businesses future performance and understanding any variances from the projections
  • Assisting you and investors in business valuations or for fund raising

We prepare each business plan with an understanding of your business and use all the key performance indicators “KPIs” of your business which allows you and us to understand the impact of each change to the business.