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What They Say

John Amaechi, Amaechi Performance Systems

John Amaechi
Amaechi Performance Systems

Nik and Tree Accountancy provide me with great peace of mind in all areas of my personal and business accounting. Whether I pop into their office, or Nik comes to me, I know I will get the service I need. Nik has handled my complex international business and the equally important accounts from my philanthropic endeavours. Having a friend and an expert in Nik handling my accounting affairs is a key part of keeping me productive and stress free.

Don Payne, New Millenia Group

Don Payne
New Millenia Group

Nik has been working with New Millennia for a number of years and been a major part of the growth of the Group, he advised and actioned the change to a PLC, which allowed us to realise the group strategy.

The recruitment market has changes from HM Revenue & Customs, Department of Trade and Industry and many others and Nik plans for all these changes to ensure the group's operations are not effected.

The Group turnover is over £30m and Nik manages the entire finance function of the Group and we continue to go from strength to strength.
Neil Marra, Creative Spark

Neil Marra
Creative Spark

Tree has been part of the team from the off. I have a lot more organisation and clarity in the agency and feel a lot more secure.

The agency now works towards targets and feedback meetings are held to understand our differences. We have kept our identity but the agency is a lot more structured.

Nik and the team give the confidence to expand the business due to their knowledge and experience in our market.